Re-Order MR816 csx's in control panel and cubase

Pretty much what the title says… Recently updated the driver for win 8.1 and all seems to be working fine, but the 2 mr8’s are out of order. In the control panel as well as in cubase it see’s what was originally named “MR816CSX” as “MR816CSX(2)” now regardless of which is turned on first. And it sees what was previously “MR816CSX(2)” as “MR816CSX”. Is there a simple way to re-label/re-order these? It was just causing issues with previous projects and such in cubase as well as saved settings in the device menu as all the routing is swapped due to the naming convention. Have tried turning only one on at a time but the naming convention sticks regardless. Any ideas would be appreciated, this only happened after the update to win 8.1 and the driver update. Probably just a simple setting that I missed somewhere, but just don’t see it. Again, any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

K… in case someone decides to pull as big a derp as I did on this one… it’s a RTFM situation. Turning off all the connected devices, resetting the device order on the FW driver control panel, then turning the devices on in the order you want them recognized is the fix. This order remains regardless of power on/off and can only be reset this way. My bad for not doing the research before asking, but just in case someone else needs the info, will leave this up.