re-ordering flows shown at bottom of window

I have been using dorico since its inception, but seem to have lost track of a basic concept of flows. I had been used to seeing flows at the bottom of the setup window (win10), had been working on a work with a couple of flows and wanted to just re-order them in the score by re-ordering them at the bottom of the setup window. I can go to flows through menus, but how do I easily re-order them in the score? Or another way of putting it, how do I get the flow list at the bottom of the pg (and can re-order the flows in this)?

In Setup mode, in the bottom pane, just use your mouse to drag them around. I’ve found that with more than 12 or so flows in a project it gets a little bit unwieldy, but it’s still possible.

In this particular piano piece that I am having trouble with, there are no flows in a bottom pane. I am not sure if there is a menu that makes this pane visible or not.

found it. stared at it forever, but found it this morning. there is a small arrow at the bottom similar to the arrows on the side that makes it visible when you click on it.

Yep. On Mac, it’s Cmd-7, Cmd-8 and Cmd-9 to show and hide the left, bottom and right panes. On Windows I guess it’s probably Ctrl-7, Ctrl-8 and Ctrl-9. Cmd/Ctrl-0 hides any that are currently showing, or shows whichever it had previously hidden.