Re-ordering the VST Instrument Rack & mixer.

I want to reorder my VST instrument rack so it and the mixer are a bit more logically ordered. I’m afraid I know the answer.

To be honest, with the new Instrument Rack redesign in 7.5, it might be solved.

Wow, that would be a refreshing change of pace, I also recently discovered that I’m supposed to be in the grace period. I’ll check out the new features section and see what that’s about. I’ll believe it when I see it all come through, though; Stienberg customer support and I are currently in bad terms. Their programmers also seem to have something of a reputation for crippling just about as many established features as the the new ones they implement in each subsequent version. Thanks for the tip.

Yeah, much like the mixer had a total retooling in 7.0, it’s the Instrument Track / Instrument Rack’s turn for getting an overhaul in 7.5. From what I read you can rename instruments in the rack (finally) and it appears you can reorder them as there are no longer static instrument “slots” or slot numbers.