re-pitch with computer keyboard could be simpler

I was a bit surprised that re-pitching an already entered melody needed the caret or the slow Alt+up/down arrow.
It felt so normal that this common operation would be simply: select, re-enter the correct note letter; next note; re-enter; next note; etc…
works this way with rhythm edits, alterations edits why not with pitch.

Have you tried using the Lock to Duration button from the Notes Toolbox? It’s the one that looks like a padlock. It works similarly to Sibelius’s re-input pitches functionality.

I just tried
–select the first note, caret, Lock to Duration, note correction; select next note, note correction
I just felt it could be as simple and intuitive as:
–select, note correction; select ,note correction.
as I said this already works this way for rhythm edits or adding a chromatic alt.
isn’t it the Edit mode!!