Re: Plugin GUI issue with Waves RComp in Shared Plug window

I just came across this issue when I opened an older session with the UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor…it makes all other plugins in the chain become wider, but what’s really a problem is that you can use the controls. It seems that you can guess where the buttons and controls would be but that is far from ideal. When I remove the UAD Shadow Hills from the Chain, the Waves and other plugins go back to their normal width and appearance.

OSX 10.8.3
WL 8.0.1 in 64-bit

Here’s a screen shot of the Waves RComp that is wider than it should appear:

Are you using the latest Waves version?

Yes, current version of Waves and UAD. It’s hard to tell which is the problem, the Shadow Hills plugin is very large GUI and the Waves RComp only has this issue when it’s after the Shadow Hills.

This issue of the Waves RComp (maybe others too) happens when inserted after the UAD Manley Massive Passive as well. It seems that UAD and Waves might not get along using the shared plugins window.


While working today I realized that this issue with the Waves Renaissance Compressor appearing wider than is should happens when inserted after pretty much ANY plugin used the shared plugin window. At first I thought it was only after being inserted after larger looking plugins (UAD Shadow Hills & Manley etc), but today it happened when inserted after the Waves REQ. When there is nothing inserted before the RComp, the display is fine, but when something is before the RComp, the GUI becomes wider and then the control locations don’t match the GUI.

In the screen shot you’ll notice that I’m clicking on “Load” to load presets, but what’s actually coming up is the “save” menu. This is because even though the graphics are stretched wider and distorted, you still have to click where the buttons would normally be to make adjustments. This can be hard to guess and I hope it won’t always be like this.
I just noticed that the cursor doesn’t appear in the screen shot, but you should know that I’m clicking on the “Load” preset option but the “save” option is what is appearing because the GUI is distorted and wide and the plugin doesn’t know this.

Waves Version Build 1361 Cocoa
OSX 10.8.3

We had such reports with Waves 9.1. Not anymore with the latest Waves 9.2 r11…

I see, I just this moment reinstalled Waves to the latest from their website. I’m still having the issue. When I load Waves REQ 6 and look at the info, it says V 9.2 but the RComp is still 9.1 etc etc

I will attach screen shots of both taken from the same chain just moments apart. Is this a Waves mistake or is Wavelab somehow loading an old version?

REQ reads 9.2 because had a small bug, fixed in V9r10, see picture… :slight_smile:

Thanks, REQ is not the problem though. The problem is that when the RComp is inserted after something, the interface becomes wider and then you have to guess where the controls should be. This happens when using the new single shared plugin window. RComp on it’s own looks OK in WL8.

As a test, insert a REQ first, then RComp (using the shared window). The RComp looks wider and stretched out compared to normal. The appearance is not the problem, the problem is that the controls to don’t match the appearance so you have to guess where to click to make adjustments, especially with the controls in the center and on the right side of the RComp.

This problem combined with the Ozone 5 display really makes my “In the box” library mastering (which should be very simple) quite a battle because my typical chain is REQ, RComp and Ozone 5. I would consider Ozone 4 for the time being but that won’t load because of the known iLok issue.

I would go back to WL7 until WL8 is updated, but the thing where WL7 has to show you each rendered file drives me nuts when trying to render a high amount of files quickly one at a time with unique names using the “render whole montage” option. I also can’t use the new montage master feature because of the latency issue that occurs in the montage master with high latency plugins like Ozone.

Quite a rabbit’s hole of little problems making an overall headache.

Even though inserted after the REQ, in Elements RComp looks right, even switching between the two.
I’m on 32 bit, Win8-64
Even placing a large Studio EQ, RComp and RVox look right.

You can simply disable the chain window mode to make sure the plugin is correctly displayed.
I will study the case, but the plugin is responsible to draw its graphics, hence I’m not sure the problem comes from WaveLab.

After doing some more testing, when the chain is just REQ and RComp, the RComp looks fine. When I add Ozone after REQ and RComp, RComp gets wider and makes it hard to find that actual controls.

This occurs when using UAD and other plugins in the shared window alongside RComp, not just specific to Ozone and RComp and not just before or after RComp.

New screen shots attached.

FYI, I have found a fix for this in WaveLab 8.0.2 (though this is originally a Waves issue).

Thank you.