Re: Project Assistant Dialog

Hi Folks,

I’m not sure if this is something that has already been flagged a bug (and targeted as part of a future update), but I’m wondering how one clears the cache in the Project Assistant window.

Realizing I will never use many of the Production templates, I removed them. However, when I load Cubase I can still see them listed in the Project Assistant window. When selecting them a “not found” message is generated, but they are still there as options.

Have I simply missed the thread for this? Did I overlook something in the manual or interface that allows this to be cleared or refreshed?


I discovered the Project Assistant cleaned itself up when I forced Media Bay to rescan the folders.

Give that a try.


Thanks, James! :slight_smile:

When I deleted my C6 folder preferences, the Project Assist (and MediaBay) was clear too.

It would be helpful if one could refresh (removing deleted entries) or remove items individually with a right click in the Project Assistant itself ---- at present mine is full of non existent entries and there really should be a straight forward way to reorganise it.
Thanks for the mediabay rescan tip, but it does not seem a logical way to do it if you start with the question “how do I sort out Project Assistant ?” but helpful to know – though has not worked for me, just tried it.
If somebody also knows which file in preferences should be deleted to get back to default it would really help.
Deleting all preferences seems extreme just to refresh project assistant.