RE: Question About UR28M Main Output Level Dial


First time poster - Happy New Year to you all.

Could someone please answer a question for me regarding my new UR28M.

I have it connected to my ADAM A5X powered speakers.

I currently have the large output level dial on my UR28M set to around half way, and have the speakers volume turned to 0DB.

Is this correct, or to achieve optimum digital audio “quality”, should I have the big output level dial on the UR28M set all the way to the right, and the speakers volume turned down more?

I have read that if you turn down the volume of your digital signals that you lose quality in some way.

Just what is happening “under the hood” on my UR28M when I turn down the main output level dial on the unit?

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.



I am interested in seeing the answer to this too. I am using powered HS7 monitors and I am not sure what the optimal way to do this is either.



I would also like to know. I know using the UR22 with the output fully turned up results in a +10db signal. This means normalised audio clips. I would like to know where 0db is for no clipping with best signal to noise ratio.

I have my UR28M calibrated with the knob at 70% (mark 7).
You should set up your monitors according to the manufacturers instructions.
Next use a reference file (these can be downloaded (Bob Katz homepage is good or a reference file from a Test CD (Alan Parsons’ Sound Check 2 is good), or you can set up a pink noise reference on the signal generator plugin in your DAW)
You will also need an SPL meter or download such an app onto your tablet or phone.
The typical procedure is outlined in the following link:
Also these links may be helpful:

Just to say, the output “Volume” knobs in any DA converter doesn’t work with digital info, it manage the analog values (volts)

So using at full, half, etc don’t loose “digital quality”, you just have to battle against the amps floor noise or similar.

Also, check what the DA outputs (dBu) and how much can your Active Speakers handle.

well, i raised a support request with this question a fortnight ago, no reply. very disappointing, it’s a simple question and should be easy to answer.

Hi again,

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.

I actually asked Steinberg technical support about this issue before Christmas, and as they have obviously been on their Christmas holidays, they have only replied to me today.

I will paste their opinions below for anyone who may still be interested in this topic.

"The speakers should be set to 0dB and the Output level on the UR28M used
to scale the volume.

The inherent noise of the project (like the noise added by, as an example,
analogue modelling plug-ins) will be scaled accordingly and the use of the
output knob will retain the signal to noise ratio.

Keeping the speakers’ level to maximum increases the level of the noise,
but the same can be said for the interface with the output knob all the
way up.

The noise level should be barely audible."

I hope that helps someone else in the future.

Thanks again