RE : Quick 'Made With Cubase' Forum Question

**Hi folks,

i am totally new to Cubase and also this site (having only purchased Cubased Artiste last August).

With reference to the many audio demonstrations posted here, some of these were not recorded excusively with Cubase as composers list an array of other equiptment utilized within the recording process. So are composers/producers (here) posting material made with cubase only, or with other programes only, or a bit of both ??

And is the purpose of this thread to simply showcase ones personal musical work, or to gain technical help/advice ??

i noticed that some of you have uploaded audio material on ‘Sound Cloud’ and posted a link via this site. So i have recently opened a SC account just in case thats the universally favoured way to post such demnstrations.

Thanks guys and i would really appreciate any response.


Paul Seaman**

This forum is simply a place for members to show off their tracks and ask for advice specific for that track. Preferably Cubase was used at some point in the production, but nobody really cares, just post if you want feedback :slight_smile:
You can use whatever you want to share the music. Soundcloud works fine, but there are other methods that work just as great, like bandcamp for instance. The old fashioned uploading of a file is also still allowed :wink:

**Hi Strophoid,

Thank you very much indeed. i appreciate the swift and helpful response.


Paul Seaman**

I think it’s supposed to be made with Cubase as the DAW. Doesn’t mean you can’t use other plugins, or vsti’s, or outboard, or post-processing. I assume people are here because they’re using Cubase as their DAW.

And it’s supposed to be original, not copyrighted covers (unless you have the license for it). There a sticky that explains that.

And welcome.


**Thanks for your helpful reply Early,

What i was thinking of posting on this site (for general feedback etc) was some arrangements i recently made of other peoples music (as i am only just learning how to use Cubase and duplicating pre-exisiting works is far easier than tying to compose something of my own from fresh !!). So thanks for making me aware of copyright issues as i would hate to run into any problems later down the line.




What everyone else has said is correct. One of the beautiful things about Cubase is the plug-in interface called VST (Virtual Studio Technology). What it is essentially is the ability to add effect processors as well as virtual instruments (which could include samplers).

While you can get free VSTs on the net, the ones you find most frequently here are produced by software companies. For example, the VSTs that I use personally are:

Kontakt - a sampler made by Native Instruments (NI)
Battery - a sampler for drums by NI
VB3 - a virtual B3 organ by Soundware
Melodyne - a pitch correction plug in by Celemony

Plus I make us of the stock plug-ins that are included with my version of Cubase (4.5.2).

Note that I will be getting Komplete, which is a collection of 27 VSTs by NI so this list will increase substantially.

**Hi there Foolomon,

Thats really helpful mate and i appreciate that. i have been very impressed withe the GRAND 3 PIANO and SONIC Trial Versions which came with my Cubase Artist 6 pack. So i may well purchase these next year. i also heard the Hammond Vitual B4 Organ pack which i thought was incredible (and even as good as the organ on my Nord keyboard !!).

Lots of people have offered me bootleg copies of product along the way and i have always refused. i much prefer to pay extra money for the genuine article as i do not agree with fraud.

i am really pleased with my Artist 6 and also the help service provided by the Steinberg Team.**