Re-record doesn't work in key editor?

I’ve been using the re-record function lately and been enjoying how quick / easy it is to get recording again once I mess up. :laughing:

Today I had the key editor open while recording and pressed the re-record button, and it went back and gave me my count-off as expected, but it did not delete my previous recording! Is this a bug?


  1. Make sure you are in re-record mode (transport - record mode)
  2. create a midi instrument and draw a blank region (for the sake of ease) or you can record a part, open it in the key editor.
  3. While in the key editor hit record and record a new part
  4. While still recording hit your re-record button (as if you didn’t like that performance and wanted to go again)

Though the playhead goes back to the original recording point, notice that the recorded part is still there. By contrast do all steps above but NOT in the key editor, and you will see when you hit re-record the part you were recording is deleted and replaced with your new recording.

Seems like a bug to me? Thoughts?


No, this is not a bug. The Record function works different in general, when the Key Editor (or another MIDI editor) is open.

This just reinforces why its necessary for at least 2 monitors when using Cubase. Say you wanted to play off a part you previously recorded and thus open the key editor so you can see what you played. However now you now can no longer use re-record, so in order to use re-record you must make the key editor small enough so you so you can keep the arrange window activated so you can use re-record. Try juggling that on a single screen, yet alone a laptop screen! :astonished:

There is a case where Re-record works inside the Key Editor: When the recording goes beyond the midi part’s boundary.

But then you are not IN the Key Editor, in fact (from the application point of view), I would say.