Re-record in key editor does or doesn't clean up notes?

So I always thought that re-record doesn’t work in the key editor, and you have to stop & undo to clean up a midi recording.

BUT I just spent a few hours with this working as intended - so hitting record during a take would clean up the notes from that take and start again, all whilst in the key editor. One epic crash later I reloaded Nuendo (with same prefs, afaik) and now it’s not working again: re-record doesn’t clean up notes.

So what I’m wondering is what did I change to make this work?! I would love to get this functionality back because it’s such a timesaver.

(Record mode is already set to re-record and merge)

If I understand you correctly, I don’t think that ‘re-record’ and ‘Merge’ can be selected or that it is even possible. ‘re-record’ (which is not an option on my version of N11 - maybe you mean ‘replace’) would mean to over-write the previous recording, and ‘merge’ would mean to combine the new recording with the previous recording. It is not possible to do both things at the same time. Perhaps you should select ‘Replace’ and ‘Overwrite’ on the Midi Record Modes screen. It works here - it removes the previous recording and replaces it with the new recording. But if the Key Editor is open it does not replace the notes as you play - the previous notes with disappear when recording is stopped, leaving only the latest notes.

Sorry, I probably wasn’t explaining myself very well. I was talking about this:

Do that for audio during a recording and it’ll restart from the same spot and delete whatever you just recorded.

Do that in the key editor for a midi track and it’ll restart from the same spot and sometimes delete what you just did, and sometimes not. I’m trying to figure out how to make that happen consistently.