Re-Record sometimes doesn't delete last take...

I’m curious as to whether anyone else is having problems with Re-Record? Its an amazing feature but I am finding it to be hit or miss because when I press the Numpad *, the last recorded take (using an Instrument track) sometimes doesn’t delete itself from the Instrument Track and then I have to stop the recording manually, delete it, and then Record again. Because it does this randomly, I can’t use it to properly record as I’m always looking out to see if it has or hasn’t deleted the last recorded take.

Just wondering whether this is down to me not setting it up properly or whether this is actually a Bug?


To add to this, I have just been playing a part using an Instrument Track with NI Massive (underneath I had a separate Instrument Track with The Grand 3 loaded) and when I pressed the Numpad * it didn’t delete the last take and the last take was duplicated onto the Instrument Track below. Clearly a bug then.

This is a known issue.

It was reported for version 7.5 here:

And for version 8 here (plus some other issues about it, it’s in the “collected” forum):

Your “duplicate thing” has not been mentioned there though.

Ok, thanks. However, the thread is Locked so I am unable to type my findings anywhere but in a new thread.


Funnily enough, I’m trying to record a synth part at the minute and just when I responded to Starsprinkler, something else happened. I pressed Numpad * to re-record and it stopped recording an made the midi part huge. Here’s a photo…

Note where the last midi note is (which is obviously where I pressed the Numpad *) and where the locators are? The Midi file is huge. First time this has happened. Basically its completely random and I can’t make out any pattern of this weird behaviour. Hopefully this gets sorted soon as I love this feature.

Guess its back to the old way of Numpad* then Spacebar then Delete Key, then Numpad 1 followed by Numpad * (and repeat). Very quickly obviously.



It actually deletes Channels as well and if you aren’t watching you could easily just delete anything, Save Project, open it the next day and think “Where have all my parts gone?”

This is a real shame.