Re-recording a session into a new session

Hi guys,
I honestly tried to find out if this is possible, and right now I don’t have the proper equipment to test it. Is it possible to send signal out of Nuendo, through a summing mixer then record it back into another project at a hight bit/sample rate?

You can record back into the same session, but not into a different session on the same machine. It’s not possible to have two projects activated simultaneously.

Bummer. Thanks Jason!

Why don’t you just record within your existing session?
Either “direct” or by using External FX.
We do this all of the time.


it is possible
i play Nuendo back thru my Neve console and record the 2bus back into Nuendo for a killer 2track.

I want to record the new session at a higher bit rate. The files I’ve been sent are 16 bit, I would like to analog sum the tracks and re-record them back into Nuendo at 32 bit.

Into a new project or the same project?

Bring the 16-bit files into a 32-bit session. Get your mix, sum and record back into the same 32-bit session. Nuendo is perfectly happy to play back your 16-bit sources from a 32-bit session.

Perfect, Thanks!!