Re-recording controllers in the editor

When I record a virtual instrument in C9 I often use the CC1 or CC2 to control the volume during the recording. After the recording I usually wants to go in the editor and clean the controllers lane a bit, often I want to create a whole new CC2. In the preferences I can set the Record MIDI preferences - replace recording in editors to “Controllers”, but this will only replace the original CC2 with the new ones, if you keep moving the controller, and thereby create controller events. The moment you just want a steady value for a while the “old” CC2 will still be present in the CC2 lane, and the result is a kind of “merge”, of the two and the result can’t be used.

Is there a way to have C9 “erase” a particularly MIDI-controller info the moment I input a new one?
Imagine a snowplough driving down the CC2 lane and erasing all the old CC2’s until the moment I stop the seq. :smiley:

Does this make sense??