Re register Cubase Pro 8.5 in a different account

I own 2 licenses, Cubase 5 and Cubase 7, and recently updated Cubase 7 to Cubase Pro 8.5.

I accidentally registered Cubase Pro 8.5 in my old Cubase 5 account, and I wanted to have 2 separate accounts for each license.

Can I remove the Cubase Pro 8.5 register in my old account, and create a new account to re-register Cubase Pro 8.5?

Sounds like something you will need to contact Steinberg support about. Not sure how two accounts would work with one Dongle. I also wonder why?

I sent them an e-mail a week ago, still waiting for the reply…

Not two accounts for one dongle. 2 licenses (Cubase 5 and 7) each one in a different usb dongle. 2 licenses, 2 dongles.
The problem was having one account for 2 usb dongles, and I don’t want that.

Answering my own question (and after a long search but yet faster then the support reply):
Yes I can! Just delete the registered license from the account, create a new account and re-register Cubase!

I guess the process is the same as if you were selling one of your licenses to a 3rd party and so you could follow the resale wizard. Though sounds like you have it worked out already.

I’m just curious as to why you bought two licences? As far as I understand it, if you buy a licence for the latest version of Cubase, that also entitles you to use any of the earlier versions too. You just need to contact support to download the earlier version installer.

I bought two licenses because, at the time, upgrading cubase or buying a new license would cost me the same, so I bought Cubase 7 for 50% discount and kept Cubase 5 in the corner for a future possible deal and for opening old projects.

But after upgrading to Pro 8.5 I realized now that I have access to all Cubase version from 5 (maybe 4 too?) to Pro 8.5. Cool! Love Steinberg for making this option available :smiley: