re registration haardware

hello, my name deli from jakarta, indonesia.

I once used cubase on my laptop. I got Cubase from buying ur12 audio interface.
A few days ago I reinstalled windows on my laptop. Then i plan to re-install cubase I ever use. I have downloaded cubase from my steinberg account. However I need the activation code.

At that moment I am confused how can i get the activation code. Then I do the following steps: I log in to my strinberg account then I select my product, hardware. There is a hardware audio interface steinberg UR 12. then I select deleted hardware, continue.

Then I re-register the hardware but after input the serial number and the access code I’ve used in the same audio interface comes a warning note “your download access code is already used for another product”. The question is why can not I use the access code I have to re-register the steinberg UR 12 audio interface? Whereas before I’ve removed the hardware registers.

What should I do now ?