Re: Saving Projects (This Is Vexing Me)

Hi Folks,

As a bit of background, I’ve updated from Cubase 4.

Most times I would fire up Cubase, and if I came up with something I liked I would use the “Save Project to New Folder” dialog. It worked perfectly and transparently. All files automatically saved to a new file I named on saving.

I am not sure how to do this with Cubase 6.

Everything I have tried so far saves all of the .wav files to the /audio folder OUTSIDE of individual project folders. Even when I create a new folder, it references that folder. And if I drag and drop the audio files into the new folder I’ve had to create manually, I have to re-import them and the project generally seems muddled.

Am I missing something? Surely there is a way to save all files to a new project folder? Even is the language has changed, I can’t imagine Steinberg would remove this (for me) invaluable option.

  • Dan

I think that has been changed to “Back Up Project” still in the File menu, if you select it there’s a dialog with some choices to make, you can end up with the same functionality you are talking about.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the response.

I did try that. However, I realized that it was saving the audio files to the top-level audio folder: and not the new project folder. That is, no audio folder was created within the new project folder.

Perhaps it is user error. I only know that it was transparent in Cubase 4, and it has becoming very frustrating…

File > Backup Project > (I then clicked Cubase Projects, Create New Folder, and gave it a suitable name) > works the same as in Cubase 4. I get a new folder, containing .cpr file plus audio and images folder with everything in the right place.

It only lets you backup to an empty folder so that can’t be the issue. Not sure if there is any preferences you might have changed accidentally affecting this

Yes… you can select ‘Back Up Project’ to move the current project to a new folder…

… but the project folder is not updated until the project is reloaded from it’s new location.

This can be a pain, because if you don’t close and re-open the project in the new folder, every new sample you add to the project will save to the previous location. So the project folder and pool folder (and new project save / save as locations) are not updated immediatley after backing up.

… but the project folder is not updated until the project is reloaded from it’s new location.

It appears most of the responders here have missed what looks like one important piece of the puzzle: naming the new Project.

If you create (and name) a new folder via Backup Project and don’t give the actual Project a new, unique name, it will continue to save to the old folder. There is no need to close and reopen if you give the thing a new name after creating the new folder.

After you create the new folder, you should get this dialog:
Just put a new unique name in and you’re good to go.