RE: Send EFX Back To themselves in Nuendo

Hi -

I have been watching a great mixing tutorial from Kenny Gioia. He was explaining how he sets up his EFX return. He is using Pro Tools, which I don’t so I am not very familiar with these capabilities. Anyhow, he had a couple of mono delay returns setup as L/R. What he was doing , whcih seems and sounds good is using a send to send the effect back into itself for controlling the feedback rather than using the feedback in the actually delay plugin (the feedback in the plugin is set to zero). I have tried to do this in Nuendo, but I cannot seem to figure out how to as the ability to use a send on the Efeect channel hosting the delay is greyed out and doesn’t allow for send back to itself. I am not sure how to attach a screenshot of Kenny’s Pro Tools config. Is this possible in Nuendo/Cubase?

Unfortunately feedback loops are not possible in Cubase/Nuendo. You can however achieve a similar effect within the plug-ins themselves by getting the delay to feedback on itself.

This is one area of the mixer I really hate…I am a big boy and if I cause a feedback loop then its my fault and shame on me.

I always used to (in my PT mixing days) set a stereo delay up to say 8ths on one side and crotchets on the other, then use a stereo send from the Aux channel to send the delay back to its input buss - BUT i would reverse the stereo image in the send…so the right side of the delay would feed back into the left and vice versa…I could make some really fabulous and lush delays with that trick and a bit of modulation…

Anyways…don’t make Nuendo a nanny mixer! Or at least make Nanny Mode™ a pref :slight_smile:

Well, we all know many people will make the mistake of creating painful and possibly speaker-blowing feedback… I’d suggest not allowing it as a default to keep things simpler and “safer”, but then have an override for those who are “big boys”…

Thanks for the replies. Well, that’s kind of a bummer. The delays sounded real nice they way he had them setup. He also had some nice diminishing EQ on one delay setting that was cool.


I agree. In N4 you can’t even record from a VSTi Output. I’m told that this isn’t possible in N5 either. Let’s hope that “we” are allowed to grow up for N6. :unamused:


you can use SenderellaVST for that!

Where there’s a will there’s a way. You can also use foldback on most of the RME cards to send outs right back in.

Back in the days I built my own feedback-machines with Reaktor 3, and later with Quantum FX … :nerd: