Re: slip edit via key commands? (hack inside)


Unfortunately there is no Key Command to do this in Cubase.

A Macro? Something like:

  • Nudge Start Left/Right
  • Nudge End Left/Right
  • Nudge Left/Right

Cool idea and I have made one macro for myself, but I don’t get what’s the point of 1ms snap slip when you can make it with the mouse? Snap to grid slip makes sense for beats, loops and etc, but 1ms? :thinking:

I have to questions.
Q1) tried to create SLIP right. It seems when I have high resolution ( ruler), it does “sizing moves content” from the left!
Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 7.34.43 PM.png
Q2) It seems the resolution does not work on my end. I set it to 1000ms and the slip moves did not change. What any I doing wrong, please?
Can you comment on that, please?

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the clarification and the rule!

That is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.