re-solo last selection... does it exist?

am I missing something… let me explain…

I may be working on a project and solo-ing a number of tracks that I want to work exclusively together without the rest of the song. I may make changes to these tracks (arrangement, EQ etc etc) and then want to hear them in the context of the whole song so I click the remove solo-ed tracks button which un solo’s all the tracks. If I then want to re-solo those same selected tracks (perhaps because I am not happy with my changes and want to make further changes) I then have to solo all the tracks one by one (one might be at the top of the project and one at the bottom which can be quite annoying).

Is there a way to re-solo last selection? I have searched the manual and google but I don’t even know what the function might be called, if it is there?

yes if the tracks are all part of the same group I can just solo the group but that is not always the case. I might want to make volume changes to some overheads whilst auditioning against a synth part… they would be routed to different groups.

It seems to me a logical function that people would want?

Just link the tracks.

fair reply… thank you. I guess I can quite easily open the mixer with the “show only selected channel option”, then link all the tracks I am working on temporarily, thanks for the advice

If you actually select all the tracks using Control, you can then Solo/Unsold as many times as you like by pressing “S”.