Re: Solved, autohotkey, wintitle 10.0.40

So 10.0.40 is supposed to be a maintenance update. So tell me this Steinberg. Why would you change the ‘Window Class Title’ of a Cubase project from:

‘Cubase Pro Project - Project Name’
''Cubase Version 10.0.40 Project - Project Name

For Autohotkey users like myself this is an issue and affects focus scripts which required modification.

Why would you change the ‘Window Class Title’ of a Cubase project

I don’t think they did. See attached image-

Might have Jumped the gun on this one but maybe i might not be remembering correctly?

Didn’t previous version projects open with just ‘Cubase Pro Project -’ e.g v8.5 project.

I don’t remember it being 'Cubase Version 8.5.30 Project - Project Name.

Or was it always this way, i have forgotton…

afaik, it’s always been like this, where the version number is displayed in the title bar when opening projects saved in other versions.

Cheers Steve

Must be going nuts! How could I forget that

Done something silly with my main script then.

Moving on…

Updated thread title, solved

Thats a better way of doing it, cheers Rhino. This is part of one of several scripts that i run in the background daily.

(all the rest work perfectly) so this little tweak solved it. Matchmode was already set to 2 but setting to just ‘project’ solves the previous version issue. Thanks.

I agree, would be lost without it.

All sorts of clever things. Amazing tool.