RE: Sonic / HSO Reinstall (help?)

Hi folks,

<I originally posted this in the HALion Sonic forum a couple of days ago, but I am since wondering if it may be better placed here. Plus, I am hoping to receive an answer/solution because I am quite stuck on it at the moment! Though, as always, Moderators please relocate if you feel it is appropriate to do so>

So, I am starting a fresh thread again as the situation/issue is different from my previously discussed one(s):

I REFORMATTED my Win_8.1 PC a couple of months ago. Tonight I INSTALLED:

Artist 8, HALion Sonic 2, HALion 5 and HALion Sonic Orchestra.

However, in the latter mentioned, only about 20% of the samples are sounding (when I depress notes on the virtual keyboard)?! The INSTALLATION seemed to go totally fine though.

The instruments are APPEARING and LOADING when I call them up, but as I say, the majority are not producing any SOUND whatsoever?!

I have not INSTALLED the 2 x CD’s for HALion Sonic though, so I am not sure if that will make any difference? It is the only content unloaded, but I am not that sure if it actually DOES need to be installed (because I think I saw HALion Sonic appear during the INSTALLATION of ARTIST 8)? Though I may well be wrong here!

Thanks very much in advance guys . . .

Paul David Seaman

Hello MJL -

I can’t say for sure this answer will be the one that does it for you, but just last night I found that the download for HSSE (not HS) did not result in a complete set. I then realized I actually had the disc itself, and when I ran the .exe for HSSE everything seems to have been fixed, as far as my spot checking went.

So … give it a try … load up the discs and see if anything gets better!


Thanks Alexis,

I have ONLY used CD’s for the above mentioned INSTALLATIONS. And so no DOWNLOADS (even UPDATES) involved in the process so far.

Do you mean, please, that you have an INDIVIDUAL CD for HHSE, or was it part of a bigger CD compilation (for lack of a better term)?

Just to reiterate: it is HALion Symphony Orchestra which I am having issues with NO SOUND on certain presets (despite them LOADING in the left hand INSTRUMENT RACK).



Hi again,

I whacked the CD in again, and am running a REPAIR process on the HALION SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Damn thing has been going for over 30 x mins now! Not sure if that is a good or bad thing?!

Still not sure whether or not to INSTALL the HALion SONIC CD as I have INSTALLED the HALion Sonic 2 disc.


<EDIT: After nearly an hour, the REPAIR process finished. I checked HSO and now all of the sounds which I spot checked (cira 25) all SOUNDED. However, some are very loud and others very quiet! Is this the case? It seems weird that a SOLO VIOLIN is ‘ff’, and a STRING SECTION is ‘pp’.>

IIRC, the volume of patches in HSSO is mapped to the modulation wheel so check if it’s in the ‘up’ position.

Ta Strophoid,

Ok I will check on this later thanks. But I would have thought that the MOD WHEEL will RESET to ZERO every time you call up a NEW preset? So perhaps this is the fault!


Hi Strophoid,

Well the MOD WHEEL position did make a difference to the large handful of HSO’s I just randomly checked, thanks.

It seems to need to be UP to produce VOLUME for some presets, and then on others, it makes no difference whatsoever (ie UP or DOWN produces the same VOLUME)? So I am not sure why this is? But as I say, all of the presets I just check are now SOUNDING (whether it be via this CONTROLLER or not).



Hi again,

I just went ahead and loaded the HALion Sonic CD in the end, as I needed to try and move forward.

Could someone please just check to make sure that I have everything INSTALLED which needs to be INSTALLED? I am guessing that if any VST data is duplicated on on or two CD’s, then a message would have appeared saying something like “REINSTALL/OVERWRITE/YOUR PC ALREADY HAS THIS SOFTWARE INSTALLED”?

Hopefully this will be the LAST ever time I have to perform all of this on my Win_8 PC! I will make a DISK IMAGE once all up and running . . .

Thanks in advance,



I forgot to say: when I INSTALLED HALion Sonic 2 it created a DESKTOP ICON. Then, last night, when I INSTALLED HALion Sonic, it did not create a separate icon. So I assume both softwares come under the same desktop icon (shortcut)?