re Spectrasonics Trilogy and C8Pro

Hi, does anyone know how to run Spectrasonics Trilogy within Cubase 8 Pro?

I’ve read that Trilogy won’t work on 64bit Windows, but maybe there’s a way round this?


upgrade to trilian is only way i think

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You might try one of the “wrappers” that are around I have one called “chainer” which occasionally helps with older plugs

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Yeah, upgrading to Trilian seems to be the only way, I tried to use Trilogy but just could’t make it happen, very annoying really because I didn’t really want to upgrade…
with hindsight I would’ve stayed at 6.5 but I got a bad case of upgrade fever…I realise now that to produce music I do not need any more upgrades…finally got it figured…

best, Kevin

I’m running Trilogy in C8 Pro, using jBridge. No issues at all. No need to go to Trillian if you don’t need/want to.

Visit and try the demo version first. It only costs $14.99 :open_mouth:

I installed Trilogy on Cubase 10 and it was not easy. It was not a smooth installation. I used jbridge to interpret Trilogy as a 64 bit plugin. After following all the directions for jbridge, Trilogy seemed to install properly until I opened it in Cubase. Everything opened including the instrument panel which was very tiny with no instruments visible since the box was so small. So I turned the instrument panel off and on and off and on and off and on … and all of a sudden it turned on with the proper size for the instrument panel with all of the instruments working properly. I know what you are thinking … that there is something wrong … and you want it working like before. But I hate to disappoint you … you can’t look back … you have to live with the adjustment … Trilogy will work fine once it is loaded up. When you close Cubase and open it back up again, you have to follow the same procedure to open Trilogy. The past is gone and can’t return. At least you can still use Trilogy … count your blessings … despite the inconvenience of a rough installation.