Re: The New Look Website

What’s going on guys? What was wrong with the old website? Where has the news of the latest updates etc, gone?

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You have to use this forum differently. The old forum was like going from room to room to see what was happening in each one. On this forum you configure it to show you the topics you are interested in and it will show them to you all in one place ‘Latest’ There are several threads where folks explain how to get the most out of this forum. I initially hated it but after a couple of weeks realized it is much superior to the old one.

Announcements about updates or really anything get posted just where you’d expect in the various product sections or the Lounge and are often Pinned. But you don’t need to go to those areas to look for them if you’ve configured things to suit your interests - the announcements will appear in your ‘Latest’ feed as they are posted.

@raino Tech-dance is talking about the Steinberg website, not this forum.
@Tech-dance everything is still there but presented differently.

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Nevermind then

@Maestro So where is the update news? Please post a link

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Or better yet, put it back on the main page, I go to to check this and it’s nowhere on the main page anymore, no navbar link, nothing.

Also make sure the release notes for software updates are easily accessible either as pdf or a web page as they’ve been making these harder to locate recently, I intensely dislike the lack of respect for their customer’s time to expect users to start the download tool and actually download the update to read it, my point is, I read it to decide if I’m going to update, and sometimes I’m not on my DAW when I check, super annoying.

The new web page looks fine, it’s just missing the useful things existing customers are interested in.

The RSS feed appears to be broken as well (or moved).

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Same here, where is the most interesting information now (at a glance)? The new website looks now like the seperate product sites. But again, no information about new versions etc. is really a lack.

Agree, new website using too much space for pictures, and pictures are, too big and with text its haotic to read it, and hard to understand where my eyes looking now:
Are this news or discounts? or just introduction to software?

  • pictures should be much more small
  • Blocks should be categorized (News, Gear, Promo, Stories, and so on so far)
  • text on pictures should be with background (shadow at leats) to ez read
  • Bring back Steinberg blog

It could be a lot better designed. It currently just makes me want to look elsewhere

I’m sorry but I still don’t like the new Steinberg website for the fact that there seems to be no update news. I really don’t get why this feature was omitted. An own goal? It’s never too late to bring it back Steiny!

Go to Announcements and click the little “bell” at the top-right, and you can select to be notified of the first post. Not ideal, but better than nothing. Right now, I see for example that there is still no announcement there about the release of WaveLab 11 a couple of days ago.
… also, see here for how to get an RSS feed (post by @Martin90)

Sorry I meant at since this topic is about