Re the president statement on purchase.

I was expecting to see the purchase site link, telling me the update was unavailable at this stage but it doesn’t show this and appears to allow me to start the purchase. I haven’t tried to go further due to the fact the way some computing development works the taking of money may occur before the block on purchase.

Why doesn’t the shop site show unavailable. I’m in UK.


Sorry, but what exactly is the problem? The fact that you actually can buy a software from a shop?

The purchasing works fine. Has done for a couple of days

I was just quoting from what Steinberg said in their own postings on 12/11/20. When I followed that and logged into their online shop I found that it did not seem to block the purchase as they stated.

Given that process was being implemented by Steinberg themselves to reduce their licensing server load to fix the issues they had I was surprised the shop did not block as they stated.

Does this indicate that all the backlog issues are cleared regarding the licensing server overload and everything is back to normal? Little point in purchasing if you can’t licence and use.

Seems very unclear communications regards the current position.


I was able to purchase, install, and activate just fine 2 days ago (one day after it was stopped). It seems Steinberg’s messaging is not up to date.

Thanks BuckleBean.

That helps.

Norfolk UK

I noticed that only the Cubase Upate (not full nor EDU) was disabled.

Took a chance and bought update this evening. All installed OK except the updating of mysteinberg account from the elicenser maintenance step.

Mysteinberg still shows my as having a non activated version of C11 even though Im using and active on dongle.

Hmm perhaps Ill get a free grace period upgrade next time lol?

I have actually raised now direct to Steinberg. Just want to keep things straight.