Re: this Dorico Forum becoming unusably slow (!)

I am presuming/hoping it’s due to all of the new interest after the Dorico 3 update. But I’m finding the pages on this forum are taking sometimes 20 to 30 seconds to load, and the page occasionally also simply crashes. Just curious if there was work being done by Steinberg to improve this?
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Yes, we are aware of it and I believe it’s under investigation.

Yes I’m seeing it often take a lot longer.

We run phpbb3 here, and have in the past had over 100 concurrent users without this sort of problem. Makes me wonder if the forums are using fastCGI or 1.1, or whether the server is not provisioned adequately (it’s probably a virtual server right?).

Since the forums share the domain portion of the URL with the main Steinberg site, I wonder whether the server(s) are also running the main website, or whether there’s some reverse proxy that is farming various different URI paths out to different back-end servers.

It’s a good problem to have, but I think as the popularity of Dorico grows it will be less of a 3 day flurry after release kind of thing, and more a constant thing.

The answer is to switch from Dorico to Sibelius. Sometimes their software update announcements don’t get any response on the forum at all :imp:

(But if you don’t like Steinberg’s licensing system, be warned that the most popular thread on the Sib forum is “Licence renewal help”).

:laughing: Brilliant!

The weird thing is that once the forum page actually loads up, then it functions normally. I’m getting mostly “Timed Out” and occasionally just hanging, but no problems once I’m in…?

Actually I take that back… The last post took 1:34 to post…

There have been plenty of 403: Forbidden pages today, and there have been several situations where people have either posted duplicate/triplicate/quadruplicate threads or replies, which would indicate that everything’s not normal even once you’re in.

Yup! It’s worse today than any other day this week… I’m having an impossible time trying to navigate anywhere or even subscribe… Odd.

The steinberg main site is also very slow.

Time to give the web server virtual machine a second core.