Re Upgrade to Dorico V - special offer -

wasn’t the 55 euro price tag (I think it was 55 euro) offer supposed to last up to the 26th of June (today) ?
I see now a different price tag of 100e.

The discount is still available (for today only), but you have to enter the coupon code UPDATE50 at checkout to receive the discount.

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Just to let you know that I have upgraded to Dorico - V.
I also want to express my highest appreciation to the monumental scoop Dorico spans onto in music notation and although I had difficulties with it I think it is a remarkable piece of software which together with the handshake of this wonderful forum encompass an admirable tool for music notation.
I really felt I must upgrade for if not for my immediate music need (while learning V I’m sure will take it’s time)
then at least to support the project.