Re Vamped Question about Configuration

Hey Everybody…
I’m trying to control my Motif XS6 transport from Cubase and just can’t seem to get the right set-up.

Once I’m in record standby in Cubase, when I hit the record button, I would like the Motif to begin it’s playback at the same time Cubase starts,
seems pretty simple, but I just can’t get the right configuration.

Anyone have defined set-up for these two together.

Here is my current configuration:

Cubase Elements 9:
Midi Port Setup / Motif Port 2 “In All Midi”–Unchecked
Device Setup / Remote Devices / Motif xs / Motif Port 2 for both Midi Input and Output
Top Toolbar / Transport / Project Synchronization setup / Internal timecode (selected) / Midi clock destination / Always send Start

Motif xs6:
Utility / Control / Midi / Midi in/out (USB) selected / Sync (MIDI) selected / Switch (Local Control (OFF) selected.
Remote (ON) selected.

And I’m still not able to start Motif playback in sync from Cubase.

I thought this extra info could help in honing in on what’s not right, or what it is I’m missing.

Many Thanks for any help,
Best Regards
John S.

Mac Mini Sierra 10.12.6
16 Gig Ram
Cubase Elements 9

I don’t have the instrument and can’t really help with that. Your settings sound OK, but I’m not positive about that. I’d suggest having a look at the “Project Synchronization Setup” (under the Transport menu).

You may also have to confront creating a Generic Remote for the instrument. This is not a fun process, but, it may help you get more functionality from your system.

Below is a screen shot of the Project Synchronization Setup for my Akai Advance 49 Keyboard. The settings for your system won’t be identical, but this may help you work things out.

Cubase will act as Time Code/MIDI Clock “Master” or “Slave” but I’m not sure what’s best in your case. Hunt around youtube and you may find some helpful videos.

Good luck.

Thanks for the help Stephen57, I have the same Project Synchronization Setup that you do, still nothing.
Never thought such a simple thing would be so difficult to setup.

Yeah, it’s not as easy and smooth as we’d like to configure devices. You have a popular keyboard and I think if you hunt around youtube, magazines and so on, you’ll find some other users who have both. Does the Motif have a Utilities setting for Local On/Off? What about basic Transmit and Basic Receive Channels? Is the Keyboard in the correct MIDI Mode – Local On/Off, Omni On/Off, Poly On/Off?

Do you have Pre-Recorded Parts in the Motif that you now want to add to in Cubase? If that’s the case, then I think the Motif should be the Master and Cubase should slave to it? I’m not sure? I’ll take a look at the keyboard and if I find anything useful, I’ll post about it.

Sorry I can’t be more immediately helpful with this. Good luck. Find the Motif pros.

This looks like it might help:

Thanks for the feedback S, I’ve been searching around youtube and the web for two days now, …crickets.
I do have parts in the Motif I’d like to record to Cubase, but I want them synched up.

You know that feeling when you say F— it ! …it has arrived.