Please,bring back Re-wire option in Cubase 12 Pro.


The ReWire has been discontinued by the original vendor (Propellerhead), therefore it’s not supported anymore.

FYI: Reason Studios has announced that they will discontinue the Rewire protocol at the end of 2020.

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And for that reason Steinberg needs to find a new way for plugins to communicate with the DAW, like updating VST 3. But they need to do this quickly, not in three years.

I’m using it with Avid Sibelius. So I kept on my computer Cubase 11 Pro just for that. But I don’t like the fact that I have 2 Cubase versions installed,altough everything works just fine!

Blue Cat’s Connector can provide a solution for some scenarios. It has its shortcomings, not least because I don’t think you can stop it resampling, but it is better than nothing.

Thank you David!!! I’ll check this one as soon as I catch some time.

I think Sonobus is better, just that it doesn’t have midi.

But I wasn’t thinking about transmitting audio but linking the transports. Some plugins have a ruler and with Rewire we could just move the cursor within the plugin and it would move the cursor in Cubase too. Now without Rewire it only does it from Cubase to Plugin and not the other way around.

I’m only thinking about linking transports. First I open Cubase,open project that I have to make a score,then open and set rewire Sibelius. Then I open Sibelius and import midi file (previously made in Cubase) of the song I have to score. Cubase is master and Sibelius is slave. I use Steinberg CC 121 controller. So I look in Sibelius and play Sibelius with actually playing Cubase with CC 121. It is much easier jump to the markers,rewinding,forwarding…etc. And it is very quick,much,much quicker then doing it just in Sibelius.