Re: Yamaha TF 5 ASIO driver locking up Cubase - RESOLVED

I just bought a Yamaha TF 5 mixer and have installed the latest Yamaha driver, 1.9.5. I followed the instructions and uninstalled prior Yamaha drivers first.

I have UR 22 & UR 44 devices that work quite well with Cubase. I’ve also been running it talking to a Soundcraft Expression 3 mixer. The TF 5 was going to replace the Soundcraft, but USB i/o is a critical feature for my needs.

When I launch Cubase, if I have the UR22 plugged in it will prompt me to select the UR22 or the TF5. If I select the UR22, everything works fine. If I try the TF5 it instantly locks up, i.e. after clicking the button the screen doesn’t even repaint to make the dialog go away.

I read in the release notes that 1.9.2 was the first support for the TF series, and 1.9.5 added Windows 10 support. So, I uninstalled the driver, found a copy of 1.9.2 and tried the same testing with that, but there were no differences in the symptoms.

I have two identical Lenovo laptops running Windows 7 SP 1 / 32 bit. I tested on both and got the same results.

So, I took the second one and went through hours of uninstalling every audio usb device driver, other audio apps (such as the Line 6 suite for the Pod HD) with no success. I followed common sense practices, i.e. reboot after each uninstall, and often would then uninstall the Yamaha driver, reboot again, reinstall it, reboot again, then try the Cubase test. Also power cycled the mixer in harmony with all of this.

The reason I bought this mixer was because I’ve had such outstanding experiences with the Yamaha / Steinberg combination of hardware and software (not to mention Yamaha’s stellar reputation for live sound), so I’m really surprised this wasn’t just plug and play. I’m going to bang on this for another couple of days, but ultimately if I can’t get it to talk to Cubase, I’ve spent $3500 for nothing and will have to go through the hassle of returning it.

The TF series is new this year, so there’s just not a lot of word on the Internet about problems and workarounds. Since this is a lockup that’s directly related to the Yamaha / Steinberg ASIO driver and Cubase, I’m hoping I get lucky and someone with either company will have some insights.

I really love the mixer. I’d like it even more if I could use it.

Thanks for any help you guys might be able to offer.


Which version of Cubase do you have, please? Make sure, you have the latest one, you can, please.

I found, you have a 32-bit system. Then also make sure, you are installing 32-bit version of the ASIO Yamaha/Steinberg driver, please.

Version info is in the sig, it’s the latest available.Also patched the board to 1.12, latest available. 32 bit ASIO driver installed, and it works fine with the UR 22, but locks up with TF 5.

If you force the quit, is any crashdump file created (you can find it in Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps)?

Apparently it’s locking up before it can write the crash dump as there’s only one there from a couple of years ago. That was a good trail to follow though, thanks.

I found the problem and wanted to post the solution for anyone else who gets a TF series mixer.

My two identical laptops have USB 2 and USB 3 ports. There is only one of the USB 2 ports, and it just happens to be where I put my mouse. The rest are USB 3.

The TF 5 ASIO driver will lock up when initializing Cubase if you plug the mixer into a USB 3 port. If, instead, you plug it into a USB 2 port, it works just fine.

This may be something related to my laptops (Lenovo 535E running 32 bit Windows 7 SP1), or it may be a problem with the Yamaha USB driver when talking specifically to the TF series when plugged into USB 3.

For what it’s worth, the UR 22 and UR 44 have no problem being plugged into the same USB 3 ports, and all of my other peripherals such as USB thumb drives, mice, Dmxis, etc. also work fine on the USB 3 ports.

I have a Steinberg support ticket in for this as well, and when they respond I will report the above so that it can be passed along to the develoopers who work on the USB driver.

Many thanks for your efforts to help me with this. The Steinberg reps are always great to work with, but I also receive excellent support from the community here, and I do appreciate it.

Oh, these USB3 ports again…

I’m glad you found a solution.

Is that an ongoing issue for stuff?

It’s general problem of lots of USB devices (not Yamaha only, even not Audio Interfaces only).