Reaction on first day: installation instructions unclear!

Reaction on first day: installation instructions unclear! There are several setup.exe files on the disc. I started with the one inside the Windows folder, and downloaded the sounds OK. But the program files are not on the CD, and you have to run another setup.exe to find the link to download them from the internet. I worked out for myself that the USB stick is for moving to a different computer…I mean computer-literate people will manage…but I feel it should all be spelled out clearly in the get-started info in the box!

Thanks for your feedback on the installation process. It should be as straightforward as clicking the “Start Installation” icon, which will then run all of the other necessary installers one after the other, including downloading the little Dorico installer itself and run that as part of the process. I’m sorry that you didn’t find it clear enough.

(I’ve taken the liberty of moving this post out of the FAQ thread into its own thread, as it didn’t really fit there.)