Reactivate cubase 11 elements that i didn't register

Hi, I had to format my pc and i didn’t register my elicenser and software online because i didn’t knew about the reactivation system. Now i can’t get a reactivation code to install cubase on my fresh pc.
Is there a mail for online support or page where i can ask if there is a solution for my problem or i lost my copy for good? i am little lost with the steinberg webpage.

Hi. I believe there are different emails depending on location. Where are you?

I’m from Chile, but i made my purchase through the steingberg webpage. The confirmation email for my order has a link for support but if i go to the support page for my country sends me to a yahama page where there is no mention of cubase, they don’t sell software.
I made an international transaction when i bought cubase so i lost on where to ask for support.

Try the Yamaha support. I do recall that is who handles some of the Steinberg support in various locations. They do own Steinberg.

Why not just log into your steinlberg account and activate a new elicenser? You will then receive new access codes.

A did activate a new elicenser now but it’s has no products on it. When i bought cubase i didn’t register it on my steinberg account i just downloaded the software, I thought that with just buying and redeeming the download code i would had cubase linked to my account but that was my mistake.
Now i’m trying to found some online support but i can’t find it. There is a link to create a support ticket on my account dashboard but sends me to a list of distributor doesn’t let me create a ticket.

You may have started an account under a different email? There has got to be an account for you products. If you can access that account you can request new product codes, put the new codes on the new e licenser, and you should be up and running in no time.

Do you still have the already used activation or download access codes?

It used to be possible to register the software using those. Now it says you need to enter the number of the old eLicenser. You could try those codes instead. It could work.


Just tried it. Download access code doesn’t work but already used activation code can be used to register eLicenser.

I have only one account. I do have the download access code but it’s one time use.
The link Show Steingberg licended-based products on my account dashbord is empty
A download access code can’t be use for software registration.

I know all this problem it’s my fault for not generating an activation code in first place and making a fresh install of windows on my pc where I installed cubase, but I find it odd not being able to get direct support.
My local dealer says they could relay my problem to Steingberg for me i hope they can respond.

No, the problem (if there is one) was that you didn’t open the ELC and register the Soft eLicense container. that your Elements license was on.

Well, my local dealer contacted Steinberg and they gave me an activation code for cubase 11 to use on my empty elicenser. Now I have registered the elicenser and have cubase linked to my account.

Awesome! Glad to see that your local support is doing what they are supposed to do. (would be great if all did.)