Reactivate Cubase Elements 10 after re-installing Windows

My PC is having some issues, it’s been getting blue-screen. I tried various ways to fix it but it’s still not working properly.

I did re-install Windows a while ago. The problem still exists.

However, I have to use Cubase so I tried to re-install it but I could not reactivate. It says the license has been used. (I’m on Cubase Element 10)

How do I fix this?

Also some further questions, I am wondering how to reactivate the license if I ended up having to change some of my hardwares…. Also, if I plan to build a new PC, is it possible to use the same license or I have to purchase a new one?

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum.

The activation code is a one time code and can not be reused after the first usage. Did you follow the procedure for reactivation as described here.