Reactivate Cubase LE5 on a Mac OS 10.7

Hello, I have Cubase LE5 on a Mac OS 10.7. My hard drive crashed and I had to re-activate Cubase. I have the reactivation code, but it says my e-licensee is too old. I have tried all the e-licenser options on the steinberg support page that are supposed to work with Mac OS 10.7 but none of them work. Please help.

Check that you have the latest version of the elc:

Thanks Steve. I have downloaded the version that is supposed to be compatible with my OS system but the e-licenser/control centre still won’t work. Any suggestions?

Maybe the ‘eLC Installation Helper’ will help in this situation?

Just to confirm, before I do that, will the current reactivation code I have from Cubase work if I reinstall the e-licenser?

I presume so! There’s no way I know of that that would not happen.

I re-installed the e-licenser based on the link you sent. I then tried to download the e-licenser that is compatible with my OS. The e-licenser control centre opens and said the currently installed version of the e-licenser control centre is too old. I’ve re-installed it and am downloading the correct e-licenser version. Any additional suggestions? I have the Re-activation code so I just want to get it back up and running properly.

Not really, there might be others here with additional suggestions.

Also, with this method you will probably need a new reactivation code, You should be able to generate it once you have the elc working, and you have an elicenser serial number to fill in to the form.

Okay thanks anyways. Too bad they can’t override the Elicenser or disable it as I have my re-activation code etc.

Well, it’s 15 year old software… they no longer maintain it.

Yes for sure. It was working brilliantly until my hard drive crashed. Never had any issue before. Thanks for your help.

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