Reactivate licence cubase pro 10

Steinberg Product 10 pro
Operating system version 10
I can’t reactivate my software, ‘’ it’s not listed in the reactivate license section.’'
It’s shows ‘‘Your Soft-eLicenser is not listed? Add the Soft-eLicenser to your account.’’
After I add it so many time still it’s not listed
in my products page, I see Cubase element 9.5 Product activated on 03/05/2020 I’m not using 9.5 any more
And the Cubase 10 Product activated on 12/03/2019!!!
in my eLicenser control center, it’s showing ‘‘Steinberg remaining time 24h.’’

Cubase 10 Pro is not in the soft eLicenser as it requires the USB dongle, is the dongle plugged into your computer?

Yes I do

You cannot reactivate because it is already activated. The license is already there on the dongle.

Oh th, But what it this massage is for ?

It’s a trial license you only use if your full license is absent from the dongle.

Just to be clear- that’s the trial license that comes with a retail purchase that allows you to use any Steinberg product for 25 hours of actual usage.

AS KHS said, there’s no “reactivation” for Artist and Pro licenses, you simply plug in the USB key. If you can’t run Cubase, check that the Cubase version you’re trying to run is the same as the license.