Reactivate licence issue

Hi I purchased the UR -22 back in in Aug 2017 which came with the Cubase 9 LE …which I installed and activated the licence without issue…however I have a new computer I want to re-install Cubase…I tried to reactivate my licence in which it sent me a copy via email…however when I tried to reenter the licence for activation it says that the activation code has been already been used already and I would need to request a new activation from the vendor…however every time I try to re-activate it always send me the the same activation code…
When inside my online account, when I select register elicence software /and I enter download access code, it says that is is already registered …

When i select re activate licence it says There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate…however it does give me the code by email
I have also re-installed the e-licencer and opened up the e-licencer control center , which displays the soft e-licenser number on the left panel…and it shows as registered in my Steinberg online account but nothing on the right in the e-licenser control center…

I have even attempted online synchronization and maintenance operation…but to now avail…I’m stumped on how to do this at this point…I’m using windows 10 professional 64bit

Hi and welcome,

To me it sounds like you didn’t register your old Soft-eLicenser to your MySteinberg account.

If you still have the old computer, register it, please. If not, get in contact with Steinberg support, please.

same with him, but i can not contact Steinberg, there is no info such email i can not send a ticket in my account aswell alot of bug. I activate my stein but i my hard drive fail and now i can not activate again or reactivate. This is nightmare Elicenser soft whatever they call is crap.

Hi and welcome,

Is your old Soft-eLicenser Number registered in your MySteinberg account?

You can get in contact with your local distributor, if you are out of Europe.