Reactivate me eLicence

Hi, i have a new computer. I installed eLicence Control Center ( and Cubase LE AI Elements 10 on my MAC (my old computer was on Windows, i dont know if its important). I visited MySteinberg account and i clicked on Reactive Licences to have a new number to add on LCC. Its indicated (you will received a new code) but i didnt received ? is it by email ?

Hi and welcome,

During the reactivation process, you have to enter the old eLCC Number to make it clear, from Soft-eLicenser do you want to reactivate. Then you have to enter the new Soft-eLicenser Number, to make it clear, where should the licenses end up.

Please, follow these official Reactivation instructions. The new Activation Code will appear in your Webbrowser directly.