Reactivate previous upgrade licenses?


Is there any way to re-activate older Cubase versions while C7 settles down? It seems each license is an upgrade on a previous one, so both my eLicenser and the Steinberg registration site deny all knowledge of my ever having earlier versions. I have versions going back to Cubase 5 VST , SX, SX3 etc up to Cubase 6.5 and feel a bit short-changed that none of these will reinstall. Obviously with changes in OS, hardware upgrades etc I don’t have the original files in place, just the CDs and activation codes.

Thanks for any help

one upgraded licence allows you to load and open all backward versions ok :wink:

Gosh, that was quick. I was about to delete my post having discovered this myself.

Despite the eLicenser saying that it wouldn’t play (“cannot find a product to apply this upgrade license to” or something), you just ignore it and actually it works fine.

I was worried I might have to go back to Pro24 on an Atari and perform every upgrade from there. :unamused:

Many thanks

you can if you like see you when you’ve finished in about 6 years time :wink: