Reactivating and old e-license for Cubase AI which was on an old PC that is no longer operational

Keen Cubase AI user returning to the fold. I have my old Cubase AI4 Disk and my old product and elicense information. But the original installation of my product and license was on an old PC that has no been operational for years (and can’t be revived).

To make things worse, my old Steinberg account I registered Cubase AI4 with is using an old email address that is also lost forever. So when I tried to log in to Steinberg, I was instructed to go check my email account for a verification code, I couldn’t get access to this very old email account anymore.

My attempts to obtain support have also failed. I live in New Zealand and have been unable to find anyone to email my issue to, So knowing how useful user communities can be I am trying to find out how to progress this issue so I can transfer my old elicensed product to my newer machine.

Not suire if anyone will have read this cry for help. It is a bit long and complicated. But any help at all would be gratefully received. This couldn’t be a unique problem.

The Contact Support page says " All other countries: please have a look at this page to find our local distributor responsible for support."

There you can see that for users in NZ and OZ we need to contact this distributor for support:

If you follow the link through to the store’s website they have a ‘Steinberg Support’ tab there:

They’ve helped me out a couple of times. They can take a week or so to get back to you though. Hopefully they can sort out your issue.

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