Reactivating Cubase AI 7 On Restored PC

I have read the faq. I have tried to go through the proper steps to reactivate Cubase AI 7 to no avail.
2 times now I have had to restore my pc. I have my first activation code but not not my second. I now need a third one. I have registered my new SEL number. When I put in my original activation code I am told it has already been used. I am then given no step to take. I am told there is no license to reactivate on my SEL.
How do I get a new activation code?

I plan on upgrading to elements but I need to reactivate AI 7 first.

The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code is deprecated.

What is the answer? Am I out of luck?

I don’t understand why you need a third one. You aren’t trying to activate on more than one computer are you?
Once an Activation code is used, it can’t be used again. After installing SeL and registering, did you request a NEW activation code via MySteinberg?
More details would be helpful.
Have you requested support?

Steinberg USA emailed me an authorization code.

All is well!

I am from Greece, the same problem with ddpd I have and I’m going to first activate eLicenser probably something I did not do right and tells me that the code has been reused … what could I do in this case, you will find a solution? Thank you!

Use the reactivation process detailed in the FAQ in the sticky topic at the top of this forum.