Reactivation Code after drive crash Cubase 5

I had my main drive crash and am attempting to reinstall Cubase 5. It installed fine, but says I should register the product.

I am trying to update to 5.5 after having downloaded the update in MySteinberg.
This leads me to where eLicenser installs and I can enter my original Activation code that shipped in the box.

I enter it and attempt to download the license, but it says it has been used already - which it has when I installed it initially.

Exactly how do I obtain the new license?

You dont obtain a new license. The license is on the dongle - it is that license that Cubase looks at, even after you format and reinstall Cubase.

Just click “Already Registered” when prompted. There is nothing else you need to do, except maybe install the latest syncro driver.

You dont need to enter the original Activation code -when updating from 5.0 > 5.5