reactivation code/softlicense

I’m wondering if I did this “reactivation/softlicense thing” correctly. My old “permanent activation code” is due to expire next month. But,I did the reactivation/soft lic. thing today, so- my AI4 is good past the old expiration date, right? I’m REALLY NEW to the Cubase AI4 thing and I’d like to make it work on this machine. So, am I headed for trouble? :astonished: Any thoughts?


Please go to and download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center. Next open the eLicenser Control Center program (PC: Start menu, All Programs, eLicenser, eLicenser Control Center) (Mac: Applications, eLicenser Control Center) and in the left column under MyLicenses, click on Soft-eLicenser and then click on the AI4 license in the right column and tell me exactly what it says about the license there.

Thank you.

Oh, the very bottom of the page(blue rectangle) said unlimited use(or something similar) when I pointed to the reactivated/reregistered version(w/a key next to it). Now when I do an update to my “version” of Cubase AI4, does the soft license automatically upadte as well? or do I have to apply for another soft license for the update? :unamused: One other thing. When my inital license date for the copy that came w/my Yamaha KX61 expires, can I still use that disc for the “If the software came w/a system disc, insert it now” part of the upgrade process in the future?