Reactivation failure Steinberg website crashing

Hello everyone,

I have an issue with reactivating my cubase 9. I had Cubase 9 installed on my pc and all was working fine. I decided to upgrade to a new pc and move the software to the new computer. I uninstalled the software from the old pc and then I downloaded elicenser onto the new pc. However the new elicenser didnt come with any numbers at all that i can copy to the reactivation steps.

Also when I am able to access mysteinberg account I try to follow the reactivation procedure and it will not allow me to reactivate my licesense which i paid for? It will not generate the new access code as it says it should in the steps.

Is it just me or is having some major issues? I cant seem to log in or get much of anything on the site to load correctly?

I have written to support twice within the last few weeks and they have not written back to me.

Can anyone help?

Kind Regards