Reactivation impossible until now

I need some help for anyone. I have uninstalled Cubase L4 in my old computer (with Control Panel) and I want to install it in a new one.

I have the rigth licence and code in my Steinmberg account Registered Products . But when I tried to follow the instruction there are two messages: I have already installed Cubase in one computer (the uninstallation with Control Panel did not communicate it with Steimberg) and I can not install cubase in my new computer and there is an another message: “The Activation Code you have entered is not complete or was not used to activate Cubase AI 4 yet. A reactivation of Cubase AI 4 is only possible with a valid Activation Code that has already been used.”

I need some help of Steimberg personel staff to see my situation and help me to installed Cubase in my new computer.


You need to take the new # at the top of eLic and use it in the re-authorization section at MySteinberg to get a new activation code.


Thanks for your answer but i am still in nowhere.

With the keys in my Steinmberg account Registered Products i tried once more and the answer is now: “The license cannot be reactivated. The apparently new eLicenser contains the license of the old activation code. Please enter another Soft-eLicenser number or contact the support team of Steinberg!”

Can you tell me where is a "support team of Steimberg? They could look inside my account registered Products and they woul see quikly the problem. The support team of my country do not work.

Thus, where is the support team of Steimberg? Can you tell me your email.



Send an email to explaining the situation.

Success, Sucess

With the help of Steinberg staff ( I resolved my problem.

My computer did not make a New Soft-eLicenser Number with the software eLicenser Control Center, version
To do that, first I uninstalled Cubase and after Elicenser. I reboot.
After I installed Elicenser and I put the cd of CUBASE L4 in my drive but there is a problem. The cd tried to install his elicense old and frozen the installation. After two hours I decided abort it.
Nows I understand that what I have aborted is the instalation of old elicense when I clik cancel. When I pushed the cancel button I stop the old elicenser and the installation of Cubase.
After three ou four uninstallations of Elincenser, I decide to try the last one with the cd of Cubase L4. Seeing that the installation was once more frozen, instead of clik in cancel buton and I clik in the cross upper rigth of the windows. This operation sems to stop the installation of the old elicenser and begun the installation of Cubase.

But before I had another problem I do not know very well to create a new Elicenser in the site of Steinberg, what I lern with the help of Steinberg.

Thaks for your help mashedmitten


PS: Sorry for my bad english but I think every body understand