Reactivation In cubase 6 elements Not working !!!!!

:wink: HI … well, i got Cubase 6 elements like 5 months ago. i reactivated it i couple of time because a had to repair my system (windows 7). but last night my pc totally crashed and i had to do a full reinstall. i deleted all my data . so i reinstall Cubase 6 elements with no problem whatsoever , but when i when to i couldn’t get my activation code . this is what it says :“The Activation Code you have entered belongs to a Soft-e-licenser that has been used 5 times for reactivation. Another reactivation is not possible”. i really need help, i use Cubase for my church set up with my laptop. and i rely on it as my sound, plugins rack to be use with my midi keyboard. :cry: thank you in advance . God Bless You :wink:

Same here…Any results yet?

contact steinberg support…!?

i did… waiting for a response now…

I think, customer service is too slow to give me an answer :cry: