Dear Sir,

Last August 26, My Daughter from Italy bought for me an Activation Code via online credit/visa card for upgrading my Cubase AI6 to Cubase Elements 6, and send it here for me in the Philippines, There was no Problem about the Activation Code, I’ve already been activated and used it, The Problem now was, my computer get Crushed/i mean,it shut down during the middle of my works, so the only solution for this is to reFormat my computer, so after reFormatting my computer, i dicided to reInstall again the Cubase AI6 that came with my yamaha mw8cx, the installation was good… when i entered the activation code for upgrading it once again to cubase element 6, it says that"The Activation Code That you entered belongs to the eLicenser number that activated for 5 times"…But the truth is,i activated this for only one time… So nothing i can do, i tried it for so many times but no success at all and the same message i received… This is unfair to a poor people like me, Please Help me,… i need to finish my project as soon as possible,and only CUBASE is the best DAW for me… please understand me, Thank You…
I Wonder why my purchased Activation Code for Upgrading CUBASE AI6 TO CUBASE ELEMENTS 6 is not recorded to MY STEINBERG account… to see if it is really true that if i activated the purchased activation code for 5 times… I’m sorry about my english, but i hope you understand it… It is only about a week from now when i bought the ACTIVATION CODE for Upgrade,and unExpectedly my computer shut down or get crush, Now that I’m requesting for reActivation code,it says…" The Activation Code you have entered belongs to a Soft-e-licenser that has been used 5 times for reactivation. Another reactivation is not possible… Please Help

To be perfectly honest bro, This is a definate candidate for contacting Steinberg Support. Contact them & enquire as to how your Soft Elicensor is only allowing you 5 activations. Also I am wondering why thy SoftElicensor is not correctly registered as fully activated. You should only need to Activate the License 1 time.