Reactivation issue

I reinstalled windows and tried to reactivate my cubase9 but at mysteinberg page, the product is not clickable, therefore I couldn’t reactivate it.
I think there should be a small reactivate button next to my product but there is none. So, how am I going to reactivate? Thanks in advance.


You need to first select “Reactivation” at the top and then the available soft eLicensers for reactivation will show. Does your SeL show when you do this?


Unfortunately no, here you go. I got a new SeL code as I install SeLhelper.exe and registered it, but still there is none to show.

Hmm…not good. Please submit a support request through your MySteinberg account. Support will be able to assist with the reactivation manually.

Thank you for help

You’re most welcome, hopefully everything will be resolved soon.