Reactivation problem!!!!!

I just got my new laptop. And I finished the installation for my cubase LE 7. I have followed the reactivation procedure given by the website. And I go to “MySteinberg”, then click “MyProduct”, but nothing is shown under the “software”. How can I get the reactivation code? I have tried the “Add Software”, but it just give me the old activation code that it no longer be valid. Is that a bug for the website that it cannot shown the products which I have alreadly activated them before?

Here is a video with instructions for reactivating Cubase:

If you have any trouble with this process, please create a support request in your MySteinberg account and be sure to include your new Soft eLicense number.

Thank you for the video.
By the way, I logged in my account today and I realized that the interface of the website changed.
I could reactivate my product as the “Reactivate” button came out exactly on “MyProduct” page.(also with "register e-licenser and register hardware) Finally, I did the reactivation!

Hi there,
I’m trying to install my LE 6 version on a new computer. I’ve installed the software plus the newest eLicenser version.
Then on mySteinberg I get a different interface but I guess I should go on Register eLicenser/software.

Then I put into my eLicenser code as I always did and I get this.

Your eLicenser with the number ******7442 ******F756 was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.

No license found?
In case the eLicenser Control Center on your computer shows licenses that are not listed here, please click on “Maintenance” to transmit the current content of the eLicenser to our server. Please wait for a couple of minutes and then register the eLicenser again.
For further questions, please contact the Steinberg support using the Support Request Form here in MySteinberg (if available) or send a mail to >

This has never happened. What should I do?
Please it’s urgent.

I would suggest using the Reactivate option. If you are still having trouble activating after that, please create a support request through your MySteinberg account and we’ll be happy to help.

Please select the Soft-eLicenser you intend to reactivate. You will receive new Activation Codes for all contained product licenses to download them again via the eLicenser Control Panel after a reinstallation of the operating system or the switch to a new computer. What is a reactivation?

There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate.

Your Soft-eLicenser is not listed? Add the Soft-eLicenser to your account.

That’s what I get by clicking on “Reactivate”.
What should I do?

Please, contact the Support Team. You can either write or call, we also have support in Italian.


Hey guys…

I tried to install Cubase AI8 onto my laptop only to later find Windows 7 Starter won’t take it (something to do with theme settings - High Contrast, Basic, and so on…)

Without reading anywhere that it is only one installation per license number, thus missing that fact, I put it onto my new computer only to find I can’t use it…

I have read this post and followed the instructions, and either I am missing something or there is something missing, because I am asked to enter a new eLicense number and I have seen no way of getting one? I have an image of the message but cannot find an ‘attach’ option to attach an image - but neither could I find a ‘create post/thread’ option to begin my own thread.

But basically, I hit ‘reactivate’, see my license listed there, click it, get to the next page and am asked for a new eLicense - that is where I get stuck. I can find the eLicense under the ‘registration tab’ in the program, but that does nothing.

Please help!

Steinberg’s reply on their website is that it takes effing ages to get any reply (paraphrased).


I would suggest creating a MySteinberg support request and including your old and new Soft eLicense numbers and a member of the team should be able to help.

With regard to installation on Windows 7, I would suggest this KB article:

Reactivation Problem

Hi my Cubase le 5 wont give me a new reactivation code when I go on Elicenser It just give me the same code I reinstalled elicenser and reinstalled Cubase nothing seems to work just gives me the same code over and over again really need help to get up and running with it again thanks

Hello everyone! I got a problem when trying to reactivate my Cubase 10 license. I hope you can help me. I will sum it up: I changed my computer for a better one. I’ve installed Cubase 10 on the new PC. Then, I started the reactivation process through steinberg website. At the very last step, i did a mistake. Insted of pasting the new activation code to the elicense software and download the license, I started Cubase software and pasted directly to it, when asked for an activation code (it was not licensed yet). But it dint work. When I saw my mistake, I tryied fix it to paste it on the right field at e-license software, and download the license. But now, it returns a message: “Activation code already in use”. The new e-licenser number is displayed at the e-license software. I did the online maintenance, and tryied to retrieve information. I ve registered the e-licenser code to my steinberg account…none has worked. How can I solve this? Thank you all.(sorry for the long content)

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