reactivation sorry if this has been asked, new and confused

hey all. sorry if this has been asked. 2 days ago i installed and activated version 9.5 of cubase elements on my last computer, which poop the bed right after. just picked up a new computer and when i try to log into cubase, it says no license found, so i click on start license activation, and when i enter the activation code that is in the email i received 2 days ago when i ordered the software, it says the code is in use already and that it can only be used once, and that i’m to contact my software vender to get a valid code. from here, i followed this link - - to the big red reactivate button, i’m then led to the elicenser number thing thats supposed to send me a new elicenser code, but when i click it, it brings me to a page with my old code, and an empty spot to type in my new code, but they never give me a new code… this is really confusing. why am i not getting a new code? why does it just bring me to an empty text box with no new code?

Hi and welcome,

Is the Soft-eLicenser number the same, as it was before? If yes, force eLCC to generate a new Soft-eLicenser number by using eLCC Helper, please.

I’m having a similar problem. The computer I had originally installed and licensed Cubase AI LE 9.5 on in December 2017 died in July 2018. Now I’m trying to install it on another computer.

However, when I launch Cubase AI, and it goes through the eLicenser process, two strange things occur:

  1. The license key “mask” is a series of four digit characters separated by dashes when the actual license key is a series of five digit characters separated by dashes. When I enter the code, it has fewer digits than are available in the tool, so there are 7 hashes and one dash left at the end.
  2. When I click “Activate License”, I get an error saying “The currently installed version of the eLicensor Control (eLC) software is too old.”

I even uninstalled the eLC that came with Cubase AI and then downloaded and installed the latest eLC software (Sept 11 2018 version). That didn’t change any of this behavior. Then I downloaded the eLCC Helper like Martin.Jirsak said, but that didn’t fix it.

Here are screenshots.

Hi and welcome,

I would say you enter Download Access Code instead of the Activation Code.

Moreover, you don’t have to enter the Activation Code. If Cubase has been activated already, you have to reactivate.