i have bought cubase and i registered it but i reinstalled my pc no backup etc my license dont work
i have once done this reinstal etc and it did work but now it dont works i dont remember how i did it


I’m afraid nobody is able to help you unless you provide more information.

Which Cubase-version have you bought? Cubase 7? Elements?
I guess that your license was stored on a Soft-eLicenser, is this correct?
Have you performed a reactivation in your MySteinberg-account?
Which license does not work?

Please tell us a little more about your problem and I’m sure someone will help you.

Best wishes

cubase 7 elements 7
yes i did perform reactivation : This Soft-eLicenser number is not valid
yes my license is stored on soft e licenser
the reactivation license dont work cubase elements 7
and this license is already used .
This Download Access Code is not 25 characters long

could u teamviewer and check everything?
my skype Lexofles

Okay, let’s get things sorted:

Do you have the old eLicenser (the one before you have reinstalled your computer) registered in your MySteinberg-account? If yes, click on the red button called “Reactivation” in either the “Cubase Elements 7”-entry or in your corresponding eLicenser-entry. There you type in the new eLicenser-ID that you receive as soon as you install Cubase Elements 7 on your PC (you’ll find the eLicenser-ID in the eLicenser Control Center). You will then receive a new activation code that you can use to get a new Cubase Elements 7-license (use this activation code in the eLicenser Control Center)

If your old eLicenser is not registered in your MySteinberg-account, click on “Add Software” and choose “Cubase Elements”. There type in the activation code that came with your Cubase Elements. This will register your old eLicenser in MySteinberg. Then you can follow the steps described above to get the new activation code.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes

i deleted registration i thought it would help how i find reactivation back?

Do you still have the activation code that came with your Cubase Elements? Just click on “Add software”, choose “Cubase Elements” and type it in the input field that should appear. This will bring back the registration. Then you should find the red button and you will be able to follow the reactivation as described in my previous post. :slight_smile:

ok i added the software but i didnt got any email of u ( new reactivation license )

Wait a second… to get things straight:

You have added your old eLicenser by entering the old activation code, right?
Have you already reactivated this eLicenser by clicking on the red “Reactivation” button and entering the eLicenser-ID of your re-installed PC?
Has the old eLicenser disappeared from your account? Do you have a Cubase Elements 7-entry in your MySteinberg that is marked as “not activated” (by hovering over the symbol on the left)?

If so, then yes, you should have received an email. If this is not the case, you can also find the activation code by expanding the new “Cubase Elements 7”-entry in MySteinberg.

by hovering on symbol its says license activated
i have deleted registeration today and added software with license that i have got when i bought
yes i have already reactivated when i reinstalled pc it did work but i dont know how i did it ( i dont know if i did get a email) ( i reinstalled again pc but now it dont works) the bought license just worked again on 1st reinstalation second not. or maybe a new on which i got with email. idk sorry sorry for bad english

lets start from begininng for clear question
i bought cubase i filled license
i reinstalled pc i did reactivation probably and got email and used it
then i reinstalled again it wont work
i deleted registerations (all)
i click add software and use my license that i received
but i dont get any new license

You’re confusing me :mrgreen:

It may be helpful to describe exactly what your problem is. Can your start Cubase Elements 7? In your eLicenser Control Center, is Cubase Elements 7 assigned to your current Soft-eLicenser?

I would be glad to help you, but now I have not the slightest clue what your problem really is.

i start cubase this is what it give me no valid license found the program will quit now
i press start license activation and use the license i received it
The license activation code was regocnized correctly
please click activate license to proceed
and internet connection is required to succesfully finish the license activation process
i press activate license
the activation code has been used already an activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code

Okay. Open the eLicenser Control Center. Do you see any license on the right column?

can i send picture of license control for you? i cant explain it
i see in colum
my licenses
and code for example 5484818958
soft elicenser (SeL)
i dont see anything in right colum only this what i wrote up in left colum

Hi, just sent you a PM.

i have sended u email with pics

Hey it dont work

Hi. I see. I just did a small adjustment, can you re-try it again?
Let me know if it works.
Best wishes

Thank you very much everything is good now

This may take a few minutes until the state will be updated. If you have the license on your Soft-elicenser everything’s fine.

I am happy to hear that. Enjoy your Cubase Elements.