ReactOS: Alternative to windows ... not impossible?

ReactOS: Alternative to windows

Not for everyone but if you’ve been so tired of Windows you’ve googled for alternatives this one might be for you.
ReactOS is far from a release but the guru has returned and the project seem to move along faster now.
Yeah, I know it’s an 1.3333 hours and it’s a long video but it’s a very good presentation.
It’s by the guy behind the curtain of it all and he knows this stuff it seems.
Also they goofed when editing so a large portion at the end is just a room with people.
I don’t know much about the inner working of an OS but I think I stumbled along fine. Must have been a realy good presenter? Don’t ask me to reiterate, though! :laughing: :blush:

Anyways: tired of windows, learn about ReactOS!


Does Cubase run on it?

first question:
does it run itself??? :laughing:
It’s in beta but they seem to get there.
When they get there any and all programs you can install on Windows will install on ReactOS.
That’s the whole point: Open source Windows.
I’ve seen someone running Firefox, OpenOffice and some unidentifiable (by me :blush: ) games among other things.
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

n o

What would make me nervous is that it is very likely prone to many of the same vulnerability issues and security exploits as Windows itself, not to mention having some unique to itself, and whether they can detect and react fast enough not to mention whether they have the capacity to address and remedy these.

Well, if you use it as a DAW you’re not supposed to expose it too much to the dangers of the internet anyway, are you? :wink:

You can multi boot your puter, if you’re into that kind of stuff. I saw this other guy demo it and he had like a octoboot or something haha.

IIRC ReactOS is one TENTH the size of Windows and it boots super fast.

Problem will be support from companies, you need VST(i)'s, soundcard drivers etc etc, this wil be the most BIG factor to any platform.

Look at VST3 development for example, it has been here for years now and has a big consumer base, but still no big hordes developing for vst3, go figure! How would this be for small niche platforms?

Windows has the most suppliers in driver, hardware and software. This is probably the reason that more problems exsist (or are reported) on the windows platform because the quantity/choice is the biggest.

I’m going to track the unix variant of bITWIG to see if it practical to use.

true dat!